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NPrinting Log Viewer

NPrinting Log Viewer

Attached is a QlikView app to analyse the log files generated by NPrinting v16.

NP Log Viewer2.PNG

Note -The attached App requires a QlikView desktop licence to open and is not compatible with Personal Edition.

The app has been purged of all data, so you will need to set the location of your NPrinting log files on the Configuration tab and then reload your data into the app for it to work.

The Event List box is generated by parsing the message text through a series of wildmatch() expressions in the load script to categorise the entries in the log file. You can modify the script to add further Event categories.

The text objects above the main chart have Actions which set various filters to select the range of events and dates.

The Source filter allows you to select logs generated by service events or logs generated from the NP Desktop app.

Version2 now includes the Parent Schedule, Message Type and additional charts.

This app is a "work in progress" but has proved useful in checking the NPrinting tasks we use internally and on our customer sites.

Hopefully you will also find this useful.



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Howdy Colin,

Well, this is definitely an improvement over my last effort to view this information, which was to painfully parse this is in Excel.  I especially like your event filter and the fact that it brought all of the logs in from the directory.  Nice to have them all collated together.  Might be nice to have some ability to see total time of execution or average time to complete tasks.  I can definitely see this as something I will use.   Thanks for your efforts and I look forward to seeing future versions   

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Thank you for sharing


Version2 now includes the Parent Schedule, Message Type and additional charts.

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Can you take a look at this thread?

NPrint queue

You were able to create your app by looking at the log file.  Is there any way to also display in a QVW, the status of On-Demand requests?

You seem to be pretty savvy with this program behind the scenes.

Thanks in advance,


Giving this a bump as it does not appear in search results.

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Got an offline question for you.  Can you follow me so that I can send a message to you?

Are you going to Qonnections?

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Hi Colin,

I really enjoy ths application since it gives great understanding of what really has been sent and what have not. I would like to make it so that I only read lastweeks logfiles. how would you do that?


Hi Niklas,

Glad you find it useful.

If you add this where clause to the load script, you can set the script to load the last N months data into the final data model.


     resident tmpLogs

     where Dated >= addmonths(today(), -3)  //just load last 3 months data

All log files are initially loaded, so you could create a mask on the initial load to filter old logs,

or simply delete the old log files from the NPrinting logs folder if they are no longer required.




Hi Colin,

I am using Nprinting 17.

In our logfiles we have no headerrow and no delimiter.

Do you know how I can solve this?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Halmar,

I have not had a chance to look at log files from NP17.

Are you able to post a sample log?



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