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Insert row and Formulas in Nprinting

I'm using NPrinting to create a report excel but I don't found a way to insert blank row or formulas that are not in the qlikview object.

For example (as shown in the attached table ) I would take a % of the turnover compared to the gross profit.

Thanks for collaboration.

Other Revenues



  1. 9.819.053

Direct Cost of Sales:

  -Cost of sales of products


  -Production costs of products


Gross Profit

  1. 4.408.622

% on Turnover


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Although you cannot add a blank row if you use the top level chart object.

The report you appear to have created can be emulated using cell by cell reporting. You can place individual cells of a straight table chart exactly where you wish to place them in an excel report.

This way you can leave a blank row in the report as needed.

Selected QlikView Cell Values Used in Excel Reports – Customer Feedback for Vizubi

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