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Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Manual refresh/reload of QlikSense cache connection

Hi all,

I am trying to understand how we can automate and reduce manual interventions as far as possible.

Here is the current workflow that we have:

  1. Users perform analysis and make changes to the QlikSense app/dashboard i.e. additional columns, filtering of data via set analysis.

  2. Trigger NPrinting publish task on a daily basis (e.g. 11pm at night so it can be ready for next day's usage) via NPrinting API calls.
  3. Reports are published via Publish Task on a daily basis as well (e.g. reports are ready by 9am)

We have been told that whenever there are changes made to the QlikSense app/dashboard, we need to manually refresh the metadata cache of the NPrinting Connection. Is this true? Does NP publish task automatically reload and fetch new metadata cache?

At this point in time, it seems that we would need to login in person to manually refresh the connection before the publish task gets triggered.

Any suggestions or corrections to our understand are greatly appreciated.


PS: we are using November 2018 version for both QlikSense and NPrinting

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You can try to leverage the code in the attached txt file. 

This code will reload metadata based the reload of a QVF automated in the QMC. It contains code to:

1. Reload metadata for a specific NP App

2. Execute enabled published tasks (at least one publish task in the target NP App must be enabled).

I suggest breaking the code into two separate steps as shown above. Keep in mind that the publish task will hang if it is triggered at the same time as the QVF reload which in turn, triggers the NP metadata reload. A publish task execution should be avoided when QVF and Metadata reloads are in the process of being executed. Publish task execution should occur 'after' QVF and scheduled metadata reloads are completed.

So in your case I would set a schedule publish task trigger 'after' the QVF is reloaded which in turn reloads the NP metadata connection and both of these executions are known to be completed. (comment out the publish task reload syntax/code).

Unfortunately it is not possible to reload an NP publish task as a dependency of an NP metadata reload at this time but you can use the publish task trigger to schedule a reload after the NP connection reload is known to be completed.

If you need advanced assistance with code development, perhaps others in this forum will be able to assist or we can put you in touch with your Qlik Account Manager or Partner manager whom in turn can put you in touch with consulting services which if Qlik, is a paid service.

The attached code comes as is and does not assure that it will fulfill your requirement but can be used as an example or idea of how you may wish to proceed.

Hope this helps...

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