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Specialist II

NPrinting: Error: Unspecified error

We keep running into an issue where we see Error: Unspecified error in a log file (when testing) a certain NSQ file. In Production, the NSQ file just stops running and no log file is produced. Is there any other way to troubleshoot?





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To resolve this problem, ensure that:

1. You change the log file name in the NP server log settings to something like NPrintingSVC.

2. Ensure you have correctly configured your NPrinting server environment

Troubleshooting: NPrinting Server Service and Schedules

3. Ensure that the NPrinting server service can access the path to the log file.

4. Change the location of the log path to a more central location:

ie: c:\NPrinting\Logs

5. Once the changes are made, stop and restart the NPrinting service from within the NPrinting server management console.

If you continue to experience technical issues, please contact the support desk at the link below:

Technical Product Support | Qlik

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