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Partner - Creator III
Partner - Creator III

OnDemand Extension cannot authenticate

nPrinting Server is installed and running on the same machine as Sense Server using the same service account as Sense to run the services.

Scheduled reports go out as expected to the users.

However, I am unable to get the OnDemand report extension work. I feed in the url to https://server:4993/ and the authentication fails. Any ideas?

I have created users in nPrinting and mapped them to sense users in the user directory. I use local machine user accounts.

What I also discovered is that when I launch https://server:4993, it shows the same cert as the one used by Sense server but the verified by is the local self-signed cert instead of my third party CA. the actual certificate is the one I want to use but the verified by is incorrect on nPrinting

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1. Sense and NPrinting on the same server - not supported

2. The same service account form both Sense and NPrinitng - not supported

3. For properly working on demand you should use 3rd party  trusted certificates for Qlik Sense and NPrinting for FQDN of both servers. In all other scenarios they may not work seemlesly.


I don't think there is point discussing not supported configurations. Make sure you read all requirements from, you meet them and then we can come back to the subject.

Then there is a version of both softwares which you dont mention. There are huge differences in all NPrinting and Qlik Sense versions which make OnDemand work different.


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