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Contributor II
Contributor II

nPrinting Task Trigger feature request: On completed nPrinting Task

Just wondering if the ability to trigger an nPrinting task upon the completion of another nPrinting task has ever been considered.

Basically, like what can be done in the QlikView/ Sense QMCs for scheduling jobs.


  • A completed QS/QV app load triggers a single nPrinting task using an API call, then that nPrinting task triggers the next
  • A single API call to nPrinting with the rest handled by nPrinting scheduling
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there already is the API call get /tasks/{taskId}/executions/{id} documented at You have to call it from an external application, that could also be a Qlik Sense script, and it returns the competition status of the selected task.

Please post new ideas in the ideation community.

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Best Regards,
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