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Merge Source Databases to AWS Aurora MySQL Many to 1 either replication or ETL


I am trying to ETL or replicate data from AWS RDS SQl Server to AWS Aurora MySQL. I have 3  source databases with same schema in RDS SQL Server SOurceDB1, SourceDB2, SourceDB3. I would like to ETL/replicate them to single database to Aurora MySQL TargetDB using Qlik .TargetDB has same schema as all 3 sources. Is this possible to ETL or replicate minute by minute to a single Aurora target on daily basis or can they only be replicated to 3 targetDB's ?, Which Qlik tools can be used, what limitations I need to consider other than SQLServer vs MySQL DB differences ?, Also does Qlik has ETL capability , with transformations in between source and target ? 

Example:Lets say 3 source DBs have 100 records each i.e 300. The target MySQL Aurora single Database will store all 300 records. Also when a record is added , updated to any of the source DB same should reflect in the target DB 

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Hi Prashant,

Thank you for posting this question! I will try to answer to your points below:

  1. To achieve the goal you described, you may use the Qlik Replicate product and configure a many to one environment.
  2. Many to one replication: there are some key concepts to keep in mind that are covered in the video and in the useful link that I'm listing below:
  3. You can also use our Change Data Capture Technology and choose either a Transactional apply or Batch optimized apply mode (minute by minute if you prefer) to capture and replicate transactional changes from the source and move them to the target.
  4. The limitations and the prerequisites to consider depend on each endpoint that you use:
  5. Yes, Qlik Replicate offers transformation capabilities like the ones that you may find described in the below links:

Kind regards,

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Hi Dimitri,

Thank you for your reply. We would actually like to try the  MS SQL RDS Many DBs to 1 MySQL Aurora replicate . When I try to use the Qlik replicate, it is gives me a standard trial of Mysql to postgres for 4 hours. Is there any way we can try our actual use case ?. Then only we can decide if we want to move forward with you . There is one other vendor who let us use his products for a limited time,  the way we wanted to at a smaller scale. Also we will need time more than 4 hours as well. If you can accommodate for this that will be good.

Kind Regards,



Hello @CloudRocks ,

Yes, you can contact your region Qlik sales representatives, or visit Contact Sales page , the sales team may help you to conduct a PoC , answers our questions, and provide you a trial license so you can try more with Qlik Replicate.

Looks to me Replicate fit all you above doubts/requests. Let me know if you need any additional assistance.



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