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Qlik Replicate SAP Extractor delta initialization


I have activated some SAP extractors for a POC with Qlik Replicate in our ECC sandbox.  One of them is an LO extractor and therefore requires setup tables (otherwise no data was loaded to the Qlik table).  I have performed the setup tables for delta inits (in ECC) and successfully loaded (in full mode) the data to the Qlik custom tables created for the extractors. However, when wanting to load only the deltas, the field mentioning if it is full or delta can not be changed (in the Schedule extraction parameter input).  I have to mention that there is no delta queues visible in RSA7 so I assume Qlik needs to have the delta queues already created from BW delta inits ?

I would try to create delta queues but our current BW systems is not connected to the ECC sandbox.  And assuming that's what I need to be able to switch the loading mode to delta, will it interfere with the current BW extractions ?   How do we coordinate the delta queue to extract in Qlik Replicate  and BW at the same time ?  (Our BW system is still using the LO delta queues in production.  Our goal is to start using some SAP extractors already used in BW to send this data to SQl Server.  And later on turn off the switch in BW for these extractors used in QLik.

Im trying to find any documentation on this but cant find any .


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Hey @YBA ,

Based on the details and configuration of your POC, I would highly recommend engaging Qlik Professional Services. Engaging Professional Services will ensure a thorough and proactive setup of your environment with various architectural artifacts taken into account.


Thank you,



In most cases the load will need to be scheduled via Replicate so that it will determine whether the extractor is run in Full load only mode or Full + CDC in the case of a delta enabled extractor. The scheduling in the SAP GUI interface is only used in either testing or running a hybrid method using both extractors and DB extraction together.

The queues will remain separate from existing BW queues in RSA7 as the logical system created for Replicate will ensure delta's are tracked separately.