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A way to display dates as <Day> - <Weekday>


Is there a way that I can get an expression that shows my days of the week as (for e.g) "13 - Wed" assuming that this is the Day/ Weekday combination of the 13th of Jan 2016 which is a Wednesday.

In short, I have loaded Day(date) and Weekday(date) into my data but I'm wondering if there is an expression that combines the two.



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Re: A way to display dates as <Day> - <Weekday>

Try this may be:

=Date(Today(), 'DD - WWW')

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Re: A way to display dates as <Day> - <Weekday>

Hi Sunny,

I tried that but all it does is give me todays date in a column with the day like 27-Wed.

What I need is to Load a column which loads the date and day based on the date column.

Thanks for your help anyway.


Re: A way to display dates as <Day> - <Weekday>

Well the above was to show how you can format date in that particular format. For changing your date to that format in the script, you can try the following:

Date(DateField, 'DD - WWW') as [Day-Week],

Here is a sample to look at:


LOAD Date,

  Date(Date, 'DD - WWW') as [Day-Week];

LOAD Date(MakeDate(2014, 12, 31) + RecNo()) as Date

AutoGenerate 721;


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Re: A way to display dates as <Day> - <Weekday>

Thanks Sunny,

Adding Date(DateField, 'DD - WWW') as Day-Week to the Load script worked perfectly.



Re: A way to display dates as <Day> - <Weekday>

Awesome. I am glad you were able to figure it out.

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