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Error: Calculation timed out

I have a Pivot table view with 8 columns with MTD, YTD, LYYTD etc.

In the Columns there are three dimensions. When the + sign is clicked; a circle keep rounding and then the message came:

Error: Calculation timed out

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Re: Error: Calculation timed out

Firstly, this doesn't mean there is anything necessarily wrong with you formula. Few reasons why this might happen are:

1. Poor internet connection

2. Not enough space on your Qlik box - maybe many others in your company are using Qlik and that is consuming most of the memory/other resources.

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Re: Error: Calculation timed out

I am using Qlik sense Desktop.

There is no synthetical key in my data model. However, Out of calculation memory happens to a table and a map in the Qlik app.

Any suggestion?


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Re: Error: Calculation timed out

Can you try creating a text object with your expression?

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