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Contributor II
Contributor II

Stop accumulation ahead

Hi, I've been struggling for a while on this script. I have a calendar (Jan to Dec) as my X axis & value as Y axis.

I have  data for only a few months, Jan to Mar, however, the data accumulates all the way to the next month (April) even with background colors applied. It's always essentially showcasing data as the month in advance. 

See below expression.  

=num(SUM({<[New] = {'No'}, [Type] = {'Titan'}>}[Value]))

and background color applied.

if(num(sum({<[Type] = {'Titan'},[New] = {'No'}>}[Value])),rgb(128,0,255),white())
There is only data for 3 months. The background color restricts it, but only up until April (Month ahead, even though there is no data for that month !). Please advise. 

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Can you please attach an image of what u have so that the explanation/expectation would be easier to understand?

Contributor II
Contributor II

the example attached. I have  data from  September to November. No data for November whatsoever.