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end to end supply chain visibility

Hello everybody,

we have a problem which my collegues and i are struggling to solve - we got this project for the univercity as a graduation project,  we should develop a data structure and apps in qlik sense for a company in supply chain management. we managed a little structure, where to collect the data from customers and how to calculate, but unfortunately have no experience in qlik sense or in supply chain management. so we have been searching for answers for a while now and i thought i would try my chances here.  any help is immensely appreciated.

the topic is the following:

With the help of "QlikSense" an interactive overview and a related detail view of the following subareas of the end-to-end supply chain shall be created:

· KPI (Key Performance Indicator) Management Cockpit "

o Visualization of the most important key figures of the company (otif, forecast accuracy, forecast bias, stocks, inventory range, delivery rythms, wip - work in progress etc.)

o SLA (Service Level Agreement)

· Lead time

o Delivery time

o Production time

o Replacement time

· Stocks

o finished products

o WIP (Work In Progress, semi-finished products)

o raw materials


Any ideas how to begin with this ?


Thank you all in advance!

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Re: end to end supply chain visibility


I don't think that anyone can help here without seeing data. Can you share some data that you got for this project? 


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Re: end to end supply chain visibility

here are some simplified tables i have. we need to be able to calculate and visualize otif (delivered on time in full) and forecast accuracy - as difference between customer order and our predicted value. if anyone could help that would be incredible.