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Month First data and Last Date Value for snapshot fact table


I have two filter one with date and month,  and a snapshot fact table, If user select a particular date, then I want to show the balance of starting and end of the day values, If I choose any particular date in filter criteria, the correct values are showing up, but when I choose month filter, the values are summing up. But the required output is like


Month                 Date                       OpeningBalance                      Closing Balance

     Jan               1st Jan                           15.5                                                      26.5

    Jan               2ndJan                           26.5                                                      55.5




Jan                 31st                                  105                                                          215


If a user choose filter Month then desired output is 1st Data of January Opening Balance (15.5)  and Last Date of January which is 31st Day Closing Balance (215)

If a user choose any particular date only, like Jan 2nd the opening balance 26.5 and closing balance 55.5.

Could you please help with this query. 


Many Thanks



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