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Access Point not loading inside HTML Pane

We want to display a qlikview app from PLM Siemens application using an HTML pane. 

Qlik is installed on an On Prem server

This works when we configure it on the PLM Siemens application that is installed on Prem .

But if we configure on the PLM Siemens application installed on AWS then Qlik stays stuck in the "loading content" page
Looking at the Dev tools of the browser we get a warning with the 'accesspointsesssion' cookie:


All ports in AWS server are open, and we are able to load the access point from inside the AWS server, jut not inside the HTML panel.

I already tried the things suggested here:

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Hello ,

1. Does session cookie remain the same or is it reset in the har file trace?
2. Do the users credentail passed from the web application exist as a user in Qlikview's QMC?
3. The article links below are for embedding in an Iframe , which is what you are trying to do.

Article links: