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Access a PDF via accesspoint and using acrobat client to view document

We have an external information portal based on a Qlikview report.

We want to add the ability for a customer to view a technical document via the Qlikview report.

I have implemented this using the Action button.

It works fine but it needs adobe reader to be installed on the Accesspoint server.

We don’t want to install adobe reader on the external server due to potential security issues.

Do you know of a way (within Accesspoint) to provide the user the option to use their desktop version of adobe acrobat reader to view the document.

This happens automatically if you use Qlikview desktop to view the report stored on a server,

Accesspoint looks for a local copy of acrobat just says that it has failed to open the document. it doesnt provide the user with the option to select a local program to view the document.

Any advice appreciated

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