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All Named+Document CAL disappeared in QMC!!!

Hi all,

in my QMC disappeared all assigned named and document CAL!

This morning we have:

- 179 named user cal, 99 assigned

-  340 document cal, 340 assigned

Now we have:

- 179 named user cal, 0 assigned

-  340 document cal, 0 assigned

How is it possibile?

What could have happened?

How to recover the licenses?

Thank you!!!

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Hi gjamila,

what version are you running? I have had similar in the past where user machine ID's with special characters caused PGO files to become corrupted and not display correctly in the QMC, like you are describing

I think this was back in v11.3 or .4 time

hope that helps



Hi, version is 11.20SR5 (11.20.12235.0)...

Partner - Specialist II
Partner - Specialist II

Pls check .PGO files available. It might got deleted by mistake or might be corrupted.

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Yes, its sounds like a PGO related problem

There are several reasons behind this

  • Backup and antivirus programs locks the files for scanning
  • Corruption of the PGO file.
  • The PGO files (master copy) are saved on a unit that for some reasons are not accessible ex due to network issues. The recommendation to avid this is to have the source root folder on the same machine as the QVS and use mounted folders when needed.
  • Heavy I/O to the PGO - resulting in locking problems (and possible corruption).

There have been allot of work and improvements done into this area so my general recommendation is to upgrade if you continue to run into issues. 

Champion III
Champion III


Take backup of pgo files.

Stop all qlikview services and delete .pgo files.

Restart all services and assign cals again and check if this helps.

If not try by upgrading to latest versions.