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Backward compatibility in Qlikview 12

As I have some technical dependencies with the IE server plugin I'm curious to know if Qlikview 12 still supports the plugin ? Has anybody tested this in the QV 12 server version ?

Thx !

G. Bockaert.

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It does.  From the release notes ...

1.7 64-bit QlikView 12 Desktop and Server are only available in 64-bit. The only 32-bit component included is the Internet Explorer Plugin (OCX component is 64-bit only). QVConnect is still present to allow for connections to 32-bit data sources.

Partner - Champion III
Partner - Champion III

Different architecture when compared to QV11.20? Or 32-bit OCX not registered anymore?

Both the IE-plugin and the OCX used to rely on the same file: QlikOcx.ocx that existed in two versions


32 bit desktop and 32 bit server has been deprecated... its primarily 64 bit only platform now apart from the exceptions mentioned above.