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Contributor II
Contributor II

Calculations based on OMITted fields

Just been reading up on Section Access until my brain hurts. I almost understand the basics except for one thing:

We want certain users not to be able to see the [Student Number] field. If we use Section Access with OMIT, will those people still be able to see metrics using expressions based on the field? e.g. I want them to see the number 37 in a text box with formula COUNT([Student Number]) = 37, but I don't want the to see the value of Student Number in e.g. a list box

I think the answer is No, since it seems to remove Student Number from the load completely? Maybe I should conditionally replace Student Number with %H_Studnum where %H_ is my HidePrefix? I don't think that's very secure though, I'd rather use SA.

Any ideas?



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Hiding will just hide, but fields will be available for expressions in the data model. If it's a privacy matter, like hiding the student IDs or names, use an AutoNumber() or hash function on them, so you still have all data, but unrelatable to actual people.

Also, if the interaction with that field is limited to a few expressions, you could preaggregate in the script already. I don't like this one but there are cases where it works even if it means more work for the developers and more resources during reloads.