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Partner - Contributor III

Cannot install Qlikview PDF on win2008 64bit


I cannot install QvPDFSetup.exe on a 2008 64 bit server.
After I run it as administrator on the server it finishes without errors. But
it did not create a pdf printer.

Uninstall doesn't work. Reinstall finishes without errors.

Does anyone have a clue or an alternative?


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Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Im now using bullzip pdf (

Works like a charm. Even looks better.

Thanks for your reactions.

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I would suggest trying another PDF writer. There are several available for free online.

Here's one for example, CutePDF:

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Partner - Contributor III


I installed Cutepdf, but than I need the 'Custom PDF writer', and that is not free.

I need this because I don't want the popup for filename ect. It has to generate
a pdf from a macro.


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The QlikView PDF writer is actually a customized version of CutePDF. You can use CutePDF with a similar set of customization options:

I know that it won't work on Windows 7, and it does not claim compatibility with 2008, so it may not be compatible.

Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Cutepdf is not reacting on the registry keys.

But I had Qlikview pdf running on an other 2008 server (32 bits).

I'll dig deeper into this. thanks.



I thought Qlikview PDF was a repackaging of PDFCreator?

PDFCreator uses the same registry keys.


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Ah sorry!

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Nope, it's definitely CutePDF.

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Hello m-wise,

I had a similar ordeal on standard edition 64bit 2008 server. I was able to change the compatability mode to 2003 sp1 and then ran the exe as Administrator. This solved the issue of the PDF printer now showing up in my printers window.

To change the compatability mode, right click on the QvPDFSetup.exe and choose properties. From there choose the compatability tab. Then select the drop down and choose 2003 sp1 for the compatability mode.

Hope this helps,


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Hello M-wise,

Were you successful on 32bit 2008 server in geting the registry setting for BypassSaveAs to work for emailing PDFs? I also do not want the file name prompt and am having a heck of a time trying to figure out where the QlikView PDF printer is reading registry settings from on 2008 64bit.

If you were successfull, would you mind posting the path?