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Contributor III
Contributor III

Changing variables in set analysis expresion by dimension or object

I'm building a Qlikview with a lot off charts; There are 4 different charts for every combination of Product and Outsourcer.
I look for a way to use fewer variables

The variables are:
varHJ_Outsourcer1a     =>   Outsourcer number (modifiable by client with input box)
varHJ_Outsourcer1a_Order  => COUNT(DISTINCT{<flgOrderregelInProductie={'1'}, Product = {'HJ'}, Outsourcer1 = {$(varHJ_Outsourcer1a)}>}Ordernumber)
varHJ_Outsourcer1a_Product => sum({<flgOrderregelInProductie={'1'}, Product = {'HJ'}, Outsourcer1 = {$(varHJ_Outsourcer1a)}>} number)

varHJ_Outsourcer1a_Backorder_Order  => COUNT(DISTINCT{<flgbackorder={'1'}, Product = {'HJ'}, Outsourcer1 = {$(varHJ_Outsourcer1a)}>}Ordernumber)
varHJ_Outsourcer1a_Backorder_Product => sum({<flgbackorder={'1'}, Product = {'HJ'}, Outsourcer1 = {$(varHJ_Outsourcer1a)}>} number)
varOrdersIpvProducten => 1 or 0; set by Button
flgbackorder => 1 or 0; 1 = order is a backorder, 0 = order in production
flgOrderregelInProductie => 1 or 0; 1 =  order in production, 0 = order not in production

The expresions in the charts are:
=If(varOrdersIpvProducten = 0,
=If(varOrdersIpvProducten = 0,

The dimension is different for each chart and is based on records with flgOrderregelInProductie='1' or flgbackorder='1' or no-selection on both.

Is there a way to change the set analysis part 'flgOrderregelInProductie={'1'}' changed to flgbackorder={'1'}' based by the chart-object where it is used or the dimension in it?

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Contributor III
Contributor III

The best solution for me would be; 'flgOrderregelInProductie= and  flgbackorder= in one the set analysis with a changing from {'1'} in {'0'} or ={}.