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Contributor III
Contributor III

DocumentLog gets truncated when sent to the Log folder

I am trying to identify why and in which cases this happens:

I have multiple reports which have their log files truncated in the Log folder but if a go look directly in the Environment folder, the log file is complete.  For some reason, when the "DocumentLog" file is generated and placed in the log folder, it gets truncated.

For Example:

In the environment folder (C:\QlikviewData\Environments\UAT\Extract) i have:

  • A log file of 95MB of size with 849.134 lines

In the log folder (C:\ProgramData\DistributionService\1\Log\20180207) i have:

  • The same log but truncated to 33MB of size and 36.287 lines

For some reason, the log files sent to the log folder are getting truncated.

I know this example is extreme, it is one of the biggest log files we have. But it also happens on smaller logs.  For example from 7MB 116.304 lines was truncated to 5MB 51.268 lines.

Anyone here came accross the same thing? Someone knows why this is happening and if it is configurable somewhere to stop it?

Thank you!

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