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Export app without data

Hi all,

Is it possible to export an app via QMC without including the source data for the app?

Example: on Server A (development environment) I have App1 using Dev Data and the correspondent qvf has a size of 50GB and I want to move App1 to Server B (production environment) where it will use Prod Data. Is there a way to export only the app itself or do I need to export the 50GB qvf and download it via browser to then import on Server B?

Thank you.


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What do you mean with "export via qmc"? You says qvf which means you mean qlik sense and I don't know sense very well but by qlikview you could open an app without data and store it and a transfer then would be quite easy (from a app-size point of view).

- Marcus

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you can try the following -

You can reduce the data and can copy it. To reduce it go to File Menu-> Reduce  and select any of Keep Possible Values (If some selection is done) or Remove All Vlaues.

Save it with some other name and copy it.

If I understand, you are basically moving from a development environment to production and when you move it you do not want to move all of the data with it

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Partner - Champion III

If discussing QlikView, you could also open QV Desktop, load the app and select File->Reduce Data->Remove All Values. Keeps your data model intact, only removes table rows.




in the Qlik Sense Hub right click on the application and open without data, then save qvf without data.



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Master II


You can reload the data with limited load as shown in pic and save it.


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Hi Marco,

after opening the app w/o data I must change the script (e.g. inserting a single space) to be able to save the qvf ,right?

Just for laughs: I debugged with 0 data sets, because I found no other way to save the app w/o data...

Best Regards


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Hi Carlos

Although this is a little fiddly it does work, so I have attached a step by step for you.  Hope it helps.

Would make a great future feature though.




Go to Start page of Qlikview>you could see your app in the list>right click > select open with out data and save the file . Then you could change the file path to different location and change the data source to point for the production .