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Exporting large amounts of data to CSV over the Internet


We've got a Qlikview document deployed on an 8.5 server, that is being accessed by users over the internet (not in a LAN environment).

We want to implement an export to CSV feature but our first tries with a large amount of records (say 1million - exported through simple right-button export features to CSV) are a failure -> i.e. user browser interfase hangs.

Record selection is done by the user, aplying filters to the base data table (so user selection may vary betweeb just a few records, or around let's say 1M records) -> export file is then used for email campaigns.

I'm considering doing the following:

a) Create an "export to local" button to be used when exporting "small" amounts of records (say less than 10.000)

b) Create an "export to server" button to be used when exporting "large" amounts of records (say more than 10.000), and getting that export file over to the user later on through email or ftp.....

Q1) Has anyone encountered the above scenario and solved it? how?

Q2) Does anyone know for sure if Qlikview 9.0 can somehow improve/simplify the solution?

Thanks in advance,

David Mckenzie

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Solved using ver 9 and server export function using actions, after that redirected user browser to the exported xml for download, see example, hope help, regards

set cs = ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject("CS03")

cs.ServerSideExportEx "C:\test.csv" , ";" , 1 '0=HTML, 1=Text, 2=Bitmap, 3=XML, 4=QVD, 5=BIFF