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Failed to configure Reload under User Documents (QVS)

Hi everybody,

We have a issue with a QlikView Server 11, Build 11.282 and Publisher License.

The Services are ALL STARTED correctly, but when select a document in "User Documents" this message is displayed:

"Failed to load because item with ID xcxcxcxxcxcxcxcxcxcxcxccxxcc does not exist"

Also if we want to add the service URL of the Distribution Service this message is displayed:

"Table MailTemplate could not be loaded because it is corrupted and could not be recreated because QvprXmlFileHandler could not retrieve a blueprint of the table"

Please, any suggestions is welcome!



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Hey MG,

Is this a fresh installation of QVS 11 or did you upgrade from a previous release? In that case, which one, and did you follow the documented upgrade steps?

You might want to run this by support so they can help check your setup.