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Contributor III
Contributor III

Goverance Dashboard 2.0.2

Hi ,

Facing the below error , when configuring Governance Dashboard 2.0.2.qvw .

Request your help to resolve this.

Thanks in Advance ..

Alvin Ford ..

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Hi Alvin,

Yes, I've see this before. Something with the initialization of variables gets mixed up and you get an old path variable popping up.

Try opening the variable overview, search for definition "\\qv-bos10.rdlund..." and replace it with "c:\programdata\qliktech\DistributionService"

(Note: Issue captured in GOVDASH-147)

Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi Tyler,

Thanks You for your reply. I have downloaded the Governance Dashboard again and refreshed it, I am not getting the same error but encountering the following error. Not sure what is the issue and the important thing would like to mention is , trying to configure this Governance Dashboard in Windows Server 2012 R2 environment.

Can you please help to look into this issue.

Thanks ,



Ah, the Prescription Tracker.qvw demo app! (Scanning this crashes certain versions of QlikView)

Remove it from C:\Programdata\Qliktech\Documents and try the reload again.

Also, the "regular" metadata errors "An invalid number..." is more of a warning than a fatal error stating that the metadata for the specific qvw or qvd couldn't be read.

Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi Tyler,

Thank You for your reply. Finally I have realized that configuration is different for clustered environment. Configured it now and reload is successful, but can't see any data related to server and sessions.

We have the following environment i.e.

Two application Servers which are clustered

1)  PRDAPP101

2)  PRDAPP102

One Publisher Server

1) PRDPUB101

One NAS Server


Created the folder Structure as below

Configured the config file as below

//// Environment Settings
// 1. How many distinct "Servers" (Source Document folder(s) and standalone or clustered Server/Publisher) will be scanned?
SET vHowManyServers = 2;

// 2. How many Aggregators are needed?
SET vHowManyAggregators = 1;

//3. How many years of server log history is needed?
SET vHistoricalYears = 1;           //  Years back from today of server log history.  For example, 1 = one year back (last 365 days), 2 = last 2 years, etc.

///// ==========================
//// "SERVER" Configuration
// Start with 1 and increment sequentially (do not skip numbers!)

// Server 1
SET vMultiCluster_ProfilePath_1 = 'C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\Governance_1.1\profiles\Cluster\PRDAPP101'; // Profile Directory on Config page
SET vMultiCluster_FilePath_1a = '\\PRDDATA101\d$\QVPublish';     // Documents: File Paths to Scan
SET vMultiCluster_ServerPath_1 = 'C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\QlikViewServer';    // Has Server?: Log Path
SET vMultiCluster_HasAudit_1 = 1;             // Has Audit logging?:1 = Yes, 0 = No.
SET vMultiCluster_PublisherPath_1 = '\\PRDPUB101\QVPubAppFolder';    // Has Publisher?: Log Path
SET vMultiCluster_QVPRPath_1 = 'C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\ManagementService\QVPR';    // Repository Path
SET vMultiCluster_PubDateTimeFormat_1 ='CCYY-MM-DD H*24:MI:SS';       // DateTime format of Publisher task result logs (default = CCYY-MM-DD H*24:MI:SS)

// Server 2

SET vMultiCluster_ProfilePath_2 = 'C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\Governance_1.1\profiles\Cluster\PRDAPP102';
SET vMultiCluster_FilePath_2a = 'C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\Governance_1.1\profiles\Cluster\PRDAPP101';
SET vExcludeFiles_or_Folders_2a = 'QVX_LastRun|QVD_Historical'; 
SET vMultiCluster_ServerPath_2 = '\\PRDAPP102\c$\ProgramData\QlikTech\QlikViewServer';
SET vMultiCluster_HasAudit_2 = 1;
SET vMultiCluster_PublisherPath_2 = '';
SET vMultiCluster_QVPRPath_2 = '';
SET vMultiCluster_PubDateTimeFormat_2 ='CCYY-MM-DD H*24:MI:SS';  // What's your datetime format?

/// AGGREGATOR Configuration
//// Start with 101 and increment sequentially (do not skip numbers!)

// Aggregator 1

SET vMultiCluster_ProfilePath_101 = 'C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\Governance_1.1\profiles\Cluster\Aggregator';
SET vMultiCluster_FilePath_101a = '$(vMultiCluster_ProfilePath_1)';
SET vMultiCluster_FilePath_101b = '$(vMultiCluster_ProfilePath_2)';
SET vClusterName_101a = 'PRDAPP101';    // Add unique name for each "cluster"
SET vClusterName_101b = 'PRDAPP102';

////  GLOBAL Aggregator Configuration

// GLOBAL Aggregator

SET vMultiCluster_ProfilePath_201 = 'C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\Governance_1.1\profiles\Cluster\Global';
SET vMultiCluster_FilePath_201a = '$(vMultiCluster_ProfilePath_101)';

Not sure if I configured it correctly. Cannot see any data at Server sheet and Session Sheet

Please guide in the right direction.

Thanks in Advance...




You are using 1.0.1

Please use 2.0.2 - it's much easier to configure for clusters -- all the paths just go in the configuration page of the Governance Dashboard, separated by | as described in the online documentation: Getting started with the QlikView Governance Dashboard ‒ QlikView Governance Dashboard