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Help on Governance Dashboard_1.1 multi Cluster User Config File

Hello.. Can you please help on how to configure MultiCluster_UserConfig_Template when having multiple nodes in the environment.. I believe it is fairly easy when everything running on single server.. But in our case we have multiple nodes.. Below is how our environment looks like..

Load Balancer ---> QV Webserver 1 (IIS) OR QV Webserver 2 (IIS) ---> QV Server 1 OR QV Server 2

In other words,

Server 1 : (Running QV server and QV webserver (IIS)) This server has a "Shared Documents folder" which is shared with Server 2 so that the apps are accessible from  Access point..

Server 2 : (Running QV server and QV webserver (IIS))

Server 3 : (Running Only Distribution services (QV Publisher)) - It has a "Source Documents folder" so that users can schedule distribute or reload their documents to the "Shared Documents folder" (aka User Documents as shown in QMC) located on Server 1..

All the above installations are on default folders..

So, my requirement is to monitor the above environment.. Attached is the MultiCluster_UserConfig_Template which is very confusing and not sure what path goes where.. Also i am confused by the terms such as Aggregator 1, Aggregator 2 and global aggregator.. Any help is appreciated.. Thanks..

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