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How many nodes can I use with QlikView EE Server and QlikView Additional Enterprise Server for Clustering licences?

We have 2 licences: one QlikView Additional Enterprise Server for Clustering and one QlikView Enterprise Edition Server.

I have read attached doc, but still questions persist:

If we have mentioned  licences

1) Can we deploy 2 independent clusters?

2) Is there any restriction for cores/nodes for cluster?

3) Can we add passive nodes for HA for free?

4) We would like to use one server as test one. Do we need additional licence, or we can deploy it for free under the current licence?

5) What does it mean cluster should be located on the same Physical and geographical  location Can we deploy one cluster on geographically distributed  2 data center under one sub-net?

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Partner - Champion III
Partner - Champion III

Just some quick replies. AFAIK;

  1. No. One cluster with two nodes
  2. No. As long as you buy licenses, you can configure nodes. No of cores doesn't matter in QlikView.
  3. Talk to your partner. This may be customer-dependent.
  4. You'll need an additional license. QlikView Test server/publisher licenses are specially made for this purpose and way cheaper.
  5. It means what it says. So no, license-wise you're not allowed to place your second node in another geographically separate data center although it may be physically possible.

The best thing you can do is talk to your partner. Qlik has tailored answers for demanding environments. Information from the communicaty won't be a good reference to draw conclusions about non-standard situations.