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Creator II
Creator II

How to access the Qlikview app from QMC

Hi Guys,

I've never published a qlikview app before so i need some help here.

I have developed a QV application following the 3-tier architecture. So all my three apps are hosted in a file server.

How do I locate my folders in QMC. Is Server folder path( where my applications are hosted) different than QMC folder path. I am just really confused.

I don't have access to QMC. We have to request it from the platform team and when I did they said and i quote "we require exact folder path of application in QMC not server path" which got me confused. 

Any help or tip here would be great as I need to put the application in the UAT access point soon.



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Support (Former)
Support (Former)


First, I would highly recommend the QlikView System Administrator course, as that will give you all the basic 'backend' knowledge you need in order to manage the environment.

That being said, I am not exactly sure what it is you are attempting to do there, use the QMC to change configuration settings, or what, so any clarification you can provide including screenshots will help me help you to get the answer(s) you need.  

To try to cover things though, if you have a Publisher license, then you generally are going to have two folders in play, Source Document and User Document, where Source Document is where your Publisher Source Docs are stored and only QDS service should have access to that and an Admin that moves things from a 'Stage' location etc., as you likely do not want Developers moving things directly into there etc.  The User Documents is where the QlikView Server is going to get its version of the apps, and the Publisher will be used to distribute to the User Documents location either via QlikView Server distribution or a Folder distribution, this is part of the Publisher Task Configuration.

If you do not have Publisher, then you just have a Reload Engine, and in that case, you have one folder, User Documents, and reloads occur on the apps the QlikView Server is using to provide access to the users, so some other things come into play there like what time things are updating and whether there may be users in the apps, as if the latter is true, then there are some additional Document Settings you will want to put in place to ensure the users transition smoothly to the new updated/reloaded versions of the apps. 

Lastly, in order to access the QlikView Management Console, you need to either be setup as a Full QlikView Administrator, which means you are in the the QlikView Administrators local security group on the server running the QlikVIew Management Service, or you are a Document Administrator, which requires a QlikView Administrator to add you as a Doc Admin to the Source Doc folder in the QMC QDS settings and potentially also to  the User Docs folder on the QlikView Server resource there.

The default access to the QMC is http://QlikManagementServiceServername:4780/qmc.  You will need to know the servername or IP address of the server running the Management Service and use that in place of QlikManagementServiceServer in the URL above to see if you have access.  If you get into the console you can start looking around, use the Help link in upper right corner of the QMC pages to get help on what the settings on each page do etc.  Again, give it seems you are new to things, I would highly recommend you get signed up for the QlikView System Administrator course, so you get the basic knowledge on things, then you can move on from there. 

Hopefully this gets you pointed in the right direction, but feel free to ask more questions, I will reply as quickly as I can.  Apologies if I completely missed your question, was not really sure what you were asking given some of the terminology you used.

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Creator II
Creator II

Hi Brett,

First of all, thanks a lot for taking your time out and responding to my post and providing great info. Apologies for not using current terminologies. 

See the below image which is when I try to access QMC server












As you can clearly see that I don't have access to Documents tab here.

I'm going to use a part of your reply below

"or you are a Document Administrator, which requires a QlikView Administrator to add you as a Doc Admin to the Source Doc folder in the QMC QDS settings and potentially also to  the User Docs folder on the QlikView Server resource there."

This is what the platform team does here. QV Admin has to add me as a Doc Admin to the source folder then only I can see the folder in QMC and create tasks/add users etc.

So, I gave them the folder paths in the server where my QV apps are saved and thought they would be able to locate it via QMC and give me the access for the same. But they came back saying that they need the exact QMC folder path not the server path which got me confused. As I don't have the access to QMC>Documents so, i can't search for them.

Do I need to add QMC server name instead of the file server name when I provide the source folder path? 

Again, i'm sorry if all of this sounds a bit silly. I'll surely check the QlikView System Administrator course. 



Digital Support
Digital Support

Hello Pranav,

It sounds like you did everything perfectly right there. Without access to the QMC in the first place, you won't be able to give the administrators that information. It's a bit like someone asking you to tell them what colour the chicken in an egg is before they give you the egg to hatch.

You have the file path and the name of the doc that should help them already since they can check the QMC to find out where that is mounted.

They can also search for the document in the QMC User Documents or in the Source Documents view. 


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