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Issue in AJAX ZFC in opendoc


    I am trying to access include two qlikview documents inside my portal webpage. I want to achieve that by using IFrame and AJAX ZFC call. I want to pass the userid into the qlikview documents to have data corresponding to that user. But, I am facing issue while trying to access the document by AJAX ZFC url. I am forming the URL like this :   http://localhost/http://localhost/Qhttp://localhost/Qhttp://localhost/QVAAJAXZfC/opendoc.htm?document=Publish/Test.qvw&Param=Test1  , but when I am accessing this url in browser, it is throwing the message that "Failed to open document. You don't have access to open document." But, I am able to access the same by using IE opendoc URL. I am using the anonymous account and using NEFT Authorization. The server is QV 9 and client build number is 9.0.7320.7. Can anyone please suggest into this?



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