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Numero de licencias soportadas por cada tipo de servidor

Hola que tal, ¿alguien puede facilitarme algun documento donde vengan las diferencias entre los dos tipos de QlikView Server que ofrece QlikView?, recuerdo que tenía un archivo donde venían dichas diferencias, pero ahora no lo encuentro.

Gracias por su ayuda

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Hola Daniel,

De acuerdo a o que he investigado encontré la solución a tu inquietud, adjunto archivo con la explicación. el link es Licensing Policy

"Licensing Policy

QlikView offers two types of user licensing:

  • Named User License - license per named user, with no limit on the number of available documents.
  • Document License – license with the access type of user / document when the user has access only  to a single document.

QlikView offers two main types of server licenses:

  • Small Business Edition Server, which has a limit on the number of named users attached to it - no more than 25, as well as the number of licenses "user / document" - the limit of a 100. Thus, Small Business Edition Server may be run by up to 125 users: 100 of them with access to a single document at the same time, and 25 of them with access to any of the documents.
  • Enterprise Edition Server is used for an unlimited number of users to solve more complex problems. The minimum number of named users using QlikView Enterprise Edition is 10, the maximum number is unlimited. The minimum number of licenses "user / document" using QlikView Enterprise Edition is 100, the maximum number is unlimited.

In the transition from Small Business Edition Server to Enterprise Edition Server one does not have to pay the full cost of the server Enterprise Edition, only the difference in cost is to be paid. The minimum set of licensesThere are minimum requirements for the first purchase of licenses:Small Business Edition Server + 5 Named User License + 10 Document License. Also, the support plan for licenses for the first year is required.Each subsequent user can be connected to the Document License. In this case, if the user needs to have access to more than theree documents - it is logical to consider the Named User License.  The total cost of the project consists of the following blocks:     1. The cost of licenses for QlikView (VAT does not apply)    2. Costs of maintaining licenses for QlikView (customer support plan is required for the 1st year and its price is 20% of the cost of licenses, VAT applies)     3. Cost of work on the development of the BI system that would meet customer requirements. This cost includes: 

  • The cost of Business-Qlik solution - the basis of best practice from Russian and international companies. Choosing the solution of the Business-Qlik family, a customer benefits in the price and terms obtained by saving time in most phases of the project.
  • The cost of work on the development of individual functional solutions in accordance with the requirements of the customer. In this case, the cost of work on the project is estimated depending on the following phases: analysis and formalization of requirements, design of the solution, development of the solution and then its testing and implementation, deployment and user training, followed by putting it all into operation.


    4. Cost of Business-Qlik license support (customer support plan is required for the 1st year and its price is 20% of the cost of licenses, VAT applies)

    5. Cost of the hardware on which the solution is deployed (technical requirements and cost is calculated at the start by assessing the volume of data and the required functionality of the system)

Free version

Free version QlikView Personal Edition is a complete installable application without any restrictions on the period of use, number of tables, reports, data volume, etc., which includes ETL tools.

The only limit that the version of Personal Edition has is that this application can only be opened on the  computer, where it was created. Other applications made by other QlikView users can not be opened. All reports created with the free version of Personal Edition, can later be opened by any full versions of QlikView, the license for which must be purchased separately.

Additional licenses:

QlikView Publisher is a QlikView extension for preliminary "slicing" of the application in accordance with the  access rights. It greatly simplifies the administration of access rights and improves system performance by 40-50%. It is used for "big" installations.

QlikView Extranet Server

is a QlikView extension, which is designed to provide access to QlikView external users (partners, contractors) via extranet. It provides customization of QlikView applications with built-in QlikView Workbench.

QlikView Test Server
ia a server for development and testing of applications.

QlikView WorkBench

is a set of templates and JavaScript libraries for Microsoft Visual Studio.Net, with which you can create Web pages with objects from QlikView documents

QlikView Web Parts for SharePoint
allows you to implement objects from QlikView documents in the technology portal of Microsoft SharePoint. It is compatible with Windows SharePoint Services (WSS3.0) and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS2007).

QlikView Local Client
is a local license to design QlikView documents. This license is not required if the developer has a Named license for QlikView Server." por http://

Espero que ésto te aclare las dudas.