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Problem with Import Tasks with Remote Management Services


I'm trying to import tasks via Remote Management Services from QV12.00SR5 into QV12.20SR6.

I configured everything correctly and I got the following error message:

ANY did not respond to request.
Last exception (for http://<ManagementServer>:4799/QMS/Service)...


The problem is that QV12.20 asks for "IQTService2" and this doesn't exist in QV12.00 (only IQTService).

Is there any configuration I can use, that QV12.20SR6 is using the IQTService instead of IQTService2 (exists since QV12.10)?

Or Qlik should clarify that QV12.00 isn't the same major release as 12.20 (and probably 12.10):

The involved environments must use the same major QlikView release (for example, QlikView 12 and QlikView 12 or QlikView 11 and QlikView 11.20). If the involved environments use different major releases (for example, QlikView 11 and QlikView 12), the Remote Management Services cannot be used.


Kind regards


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I think if you want a better answer than my guesswork, you should submit a case/question to Qlik Support. Especially the last request can only be handled in a decent way by Qlik or Qlik Support.

It seems that I am still able to import tasks from a QV12.20SR6 server into a QV11.20SR15 machine. Without any complaints. But that won't help you, will it?


Hello Peter,

I filed this as a bug to our support partner. I don't know if it will be forwarded to Qlik, since Qlik-Support seems always to knock things back, instead of looking for a good (and fast) solution. So I tried my luck in the community.

Your way from QV12.20SR6 to QV11.20SR15 works because QV12.20 speaks both (IQTService and IQTService2).

This helps me to trigger our EDX-tasks without the need to rewrite a .exe-file for our windows-machines. Maybe in the future the "old" IQTService will be completely revoked.

Thanks for your answer.

Kind regards



Contact Qlik Support, definitely.

As far as my understanding goes, the "API2" was introduced in QlikView 12 IR and the "API1" was removed, however, at some point later (I don't recall which SR) both were introduced or API2 was made backwards compatible with "API1". So yes, 12 IR and 12.x are considered different versions when it comes to QMS API.

Probably the release notes for the different versions reflect those changes.

EDIT: After a quick read, release notes for 12.00 IR do mention the change of the API, and the 12.00 SR1 also mention that since that, QMS 11 and QMS 12 will be supported.

From 12.10 SR1 Release Notes:

In QlikView 12 the QMS API was changed from URL version 11 to 12. QlikView 12 SR1 now provides

support for both QlikView 11 and 12 QMS API clients.

Existing client applications developed using Visual Studio for either QlikView 11 or QlikView 12 will

function as before, provided that the API reference was added as a service reference or web service



Hi Peter,

May be the below things will help.

1) The Source and Destination versions should be same.

2) Once after imported then you can upgrade the version in Destination.


Anand Sai


Hello Anand,

due to some restrictions this is a way we can not go. The restrictions are:

- the timeline is very strict

- the "old" QV-Version is not supported with the new OS.

- We want a clean install of the new version on the new OS.

So we're investigating a way through copy/adaption of the QVPR-files.

Kind regards