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Purging of data

Hello there,

Could you please suggest a way of purging a .qvw file?

As of now we are having 7 days of backup data which has taken up almost about 90% of our server space. In order to reduce that we have to keep full data back up for 3 days and for the rest four days, we would have to keep the purged .qvw as backup.

Under the circumstances could you please suggest a way  to do this?

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Hi Baisampayan,

there is the main_menu "File" and there you'll find a sub_menu_item "Reduce data -> delete all values" which serves to purge all the data from a qvw. That's what we do, too, to keep our backup_files small.

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Thanks DataNibler !

As we have a lot of QVWs, we need to automate this process. Can you please advise how to do that ?



that's a bit trickier.

I assume you have some way of automatedly copying all the files to your backup_drive at a certain time?

=> Then try to implement an additional automatic reload of all the files prior to that copy_job with a conditional exit, like this for example:

IF TIME(FRAC(NOW()), 'HH:MM') = 17:00 THEN



[remember to leave one blank line to close of the loop]

I'm not quite sure about the syntax, you might need quotes or so, but this will effectively exit the script immediately and thus not load any data at that time - QlikView purges all the old data prior to loading new data by default, so the qvw files should then be empty <-> at all other times, that command will be ignored and the script should reload normally.