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QMC : supporting tasks/external programs page refresh rate


I'm currently facing an issue with the QMC : I need to create new tasks in the System / Supporting tasks / External programs tab.

As soon as i try to display the current task list to get the "+" button, the screen content keeps refreshing every 5 seconds.

It displays a "Processing. Please wait" message and turns the cursor into a hourglass, gives control back for half a second, and back to the refresh ...

It's barely possible to configure a new task, and the process is a real pain.

If you have any hints on how to solve this problem, I'll welcome any suggestion !

Working with QV 11 Server install Client Build Number 11.0.11282.0 on windows server 2008 SR2 x64 platform.

Thks for reading


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Former Employee
Former Employee

Hi Hilaire,

I don't know of an auto refresh on that page and have tested it my self. I would question if you have more than on QlikView Manage service installed and running? I have seen issues with this in the past.


Bill - Principal Technical Support Engineer at Qlik
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Hi Hilaire,

If your QMC is installed properly, go to the Documents -> Source Documents -> Test.qvw (Your QV Document)

Click on your QV file and try to create the tasks which shouldnt be a pain. You can apply triggers as well to the dashboard which you wanted to perform.



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Hi Bill,

Many thanks for your input.

I checked the services, I have a single instance of the QlikView Management Service running.

The server doesn't look like it's overloaded, it stays between 2% and 15% CPU activity (8 cores), and less than half (24Go) of the physical memory available beeing actually used.

Opening a single QMC session (either on the server or from a remote workstation) does not affect server activity ... until I go the System / Supporting Tasks tab and set the focus on the External programs treelist, which raises CPU activity to the 40%-60% range (and it stays that high until I leave the screen or select another item).

We use this tab to call small batch files that create OK / KO files used by the main scheduler to check task success, and to call iCacls and set permissions on files.

In case it's relevant, we currently have about 150 "external program" tasks.


Contributor III
Contributor III

Hello Hilaire,

I know that this is an old post but I'm curious to know if you have find a solution!

We have exactly the same problem and it's very anoying!