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Creator II
Creator II

QMS API call to GetTaskLog

I'm starting to work with the QMS API and I'm looking for a call to get the Task Log but I can't find one.

I know for an EDX triggered task the resultant status EDXStatus.LogFileFullPath gives the path to the file put I would have to use normal file system calls to read it. What happens if QMS and QDS are on separate servers and file system access is not available?

QMC shows the history of task runs AND can display the full Task Log of each run, not only for EDX triggered tasks but for all task runs. Does it do this via a non published call?

Ideally I'm wanting access to the Document Log as well as the Task Log as that's were most of the useful errors are anyways so if you also have info on that......

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Creator III
Creator III

You can get task log and not the document reload log



Are you saying that you can only get the task log using the API?

I am investigating how to customise information that I want to fetch from QS QMC by using powershell and QS APi

Creator II
Creator II


Less than that, you can only get the PATH to the Task Log through the API and even then ONLY for EDX triggered tasks, you then have to use the OS to get that actual Task Log file. (EDXStatus.LogFileFullPath)

You cannot get the path to the Task Log for NON EDX tasks. For these there's a call to get the last 5 task log messages. (TaskStatus.TaskStatusExtended.LastLogMessages)

I'm interested in getting the Document Log and in the latest November 2017 release the QMC has made the Document Log available along with the Task Log which is great news. But in the API documentation there's nothing for Document Log.