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QV Clustered

we have qv 2 clustered license .

Due to hardware problem one server down now. we have a separate web server .

I want to bring back the down server . Please suggest what could be the possible steps .

My understanding-

1 . Install QV server on a different machine (Machine 2)

2 . In the QEMC cluster section need to add machine 2 .

My query is-

1. How the web server machine recognized machine2 or vice versa ?

2. How two app server (machine 1) and machine 2 recognize each other ?

Please mention Steps-

3. On the active directory section and Mail server already in place (configured QEMC from machine1) . Is it required to configure from the machine 2 ?

4. Root folders and mount folder configuration already done (from QEMC Machine 1) .

Is it required to configure it again from machine2 ?

5. Which services need to start on machine2 (All services up a running on machine1) ?

Please feel free to add more suggestion .

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Partner - Specialist
Partner - Specialist

Hi Suman,

1. You need to set the QVS setting of the QVWS, at QMC > System > Setup > QlikView Web Servers > QVWS@servername > AccessPoint > Server Connections. Make sure it goes to the right QVS name.

2. If you want to cluster them, make sure you are using a UNC-path as the "Document root folder" under QVS settings. Your license needs to support this too. It works to have them separated too, but they won't "cooperate" in that case.

3. No, not if machine 2 is not using it's own QMC. The configuration of the initial QMC is fine. Remember to only have one QMC per environment, otherwise you will run into conflicts.

4. If you are clustering: no, if using UNC-paths (\\servername\share\folder), yes if using local paths.

If not clustering: yes.

5. If you want to connect machine2 with machine1, it depends on your environment what you want to do. Every configuration is different, but only 1 QMC in the whole environment if they are "working together" (clustered or non-clustered).

Let me know if this helps.