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Contributor III

QVS 11 SR2 Distribution Engine Limitations

Hello Everyone,

I have been reading through the QlikView Server 11 SR2 release notes and found that QlikTech has stated some architectural information regarding Distribution Engine Limitations (actual text below). I am currious if other QV server managers have been experiancing problems like the ones I detailed below. I have the ability to add additional CPUs to my server, and possibly increase my engines for distribution, but I don't know how much I stand to gain.

I am running a QlikView Server 11 SR1 setup for PROD & DEV servers where my PROD & DEV QlikView servers have 8 Cores between all CPUs. We experiance issues with running 8 Engines for Distribution where reload tasks fail for odd reasons and it has been a long process to diagnose these issues. While our servers have 8 CPU-Cores we tested running with 7 Engines (-1) and 6 Engines (-2). Operating with 6 Engines (-2) was the only way we could maintain stability. otherwise we would have 0-10 failures per day during reloads where all distribution engines were engaged.

With the architecture langage regarding the distribution engines in SR2, we're hoping that we can gain a distribution egnine 8 - 1 = 7 for my deployment. And if we purchase an additional CPU to add cores, we would hopefully be able to go up past 8 distribution engines with a max of -1 to our CPU-Cores.

  1. 3.5 QlikView Server, QlikView Publisher and Management Consoles

·         “Due to a limitation associated with using Microsoft’s COM objects we recommend that you limit the number of QlikView Engines (QlikView Enterprise Management Console >> Setup >> Distribution Services >> Advanced tab) to a maximum of 9 or the number of processor cores available on the host server -1, whichever is lower.”


TThank you


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You'll want to apply the desktop heap registry mod referenced here

This has corrected stability problems for me when running 6+ engines.



Note that if you're on Windows Server 2008 the desktop heap has been increased already



The interactive desktop heap has been changed, but isn't the significant recommendation to change the non-interactve heap value -- the third parameter?



Ah, you might be right there Rob.

For Windows Server 2K8 x64

768 KB = Non-interactive desktop heap size