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QVSTunnel.dll issue ( Error - QVSTunnel.dll%3Fhost%3Dlocalhost could not be opened)

Thought I would post our solution to save others troubleshooting time.


QlikView version 11.00.11149

ClientAJAX; Mobile; iOS Client; IE-plugin; Desktop


All users with all clients were receiving tunneling errors. was erroring 99% of the time.  Randomly, you would get a document to open.  It would be random which document would open.  Very sporadic.

With the help of QlikTech Support we narrowed it down to an issue with DNS resolution.  Two ip addresses were being published for the server and QlikView couldn't figure out which one to use.

It turns out something caused the backup ethernet adapter to start publishing its ip address.  When a client would get lucky and catch the primary address being published it would resolve the address and the document would open.  When it got the backup address the error would be returned.

Fixing the DNS entry resolved the issue.

Good luck.

Access Point error message:

qvp://<servername>/<mountlocation>/<documentname.qvw>?iis_authenticate=.....&tunneler=http%.../<servername>/scripts/QVSTunnel.dll%3Fhost%3D<servername? could not be opened

Desktop client error message:

Failed to reach server: <servername>:-1

Switching to HTTP tunneling

Connected to serverOK, Security settings denies access

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Contributor II
Contributor II


I'm Facing the same issue. Gives "What you want to do " Prompt for saving the file.

Which has to be saved automatically

But Once the server or services is restarted it gets Saved automatically.


I'm trying to do RCA (Root cause analysis).


Can anyone help me with it?