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QlikView Server Perfomance tests: How to simulate "the first time opening" on the access point?


We are going to make QlikView Server hardware and software upgrades soon. In order to evaluate which improvements These upgrades have brought, I'm going to do some QlikView Server performance tests and measure the actual status. Im my test scenario, I'm going to measure times for opening an application first time via Ajax Client and IE PlugIn respectively, When I do this for one of them, for instance Ajax Client, I want to make sure that I come back to previous condition, before I opened up any application. The things I've alredy done:

1) Clear cash on my browser

2)  Delete the related .temp files on my local desktop, from which I'm opening the applications

3) Remove the last document state on Access Point

I should also mention, that the applications are preloaded on the server.

Are there any criteria which I haven't thought about? I Need to make sure that I make exactly the same measurements for each Ajax and IE PlugIn. Any ideas?

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In general there are tools available for it whereby it will need some efforts to implement them. For this take a look here:

Introducing the Qlik Scalability Tool

Qlik Scalability

- Marcus

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Thanks a lot! Surely it is a lot more professional then what I'm trying to do. However the configuration will be very complicated since I've a cluster environment with four Qlikview Server nodes. 

Contributor III
Contributor III

If possible ensure there are no other users. I usually do performance testing on the weekends and scale my environment down to one web server and one QVS server. If you have more than one server, your network performance can effect your results as well.