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Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

QlikView Task is failing with "File is not ok. Target file was not saved" error.


We are failing issue with any random task and task failing with "File is not ok. Target file was not saved" error. 

Investigation done so far:

1. Antivirus exclusion is already in place.

2. No process is locking the file. Confirmed using process monitor.

3. No issue with file permissions, disk latency or network latency.


Did anyone encountered similar issue in QlikView?

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Partner - Specialist III
Partner - Specialist III

can you reproduce this problem every time? Or on next run task finish with success?


I think the message part before of "... could not find file ..." is more relevant which means that there is no valid access to the file at the save-time.

Therefore I suggest to repeat your measures from 2. and 3. systematically again in more depths - and also including a check of the QV + OS event/application/performance-logs. I wouldn't be surprised if there were any patterns in regard to the workload - which may also be on an external side, for example if the active directory didn't response in time by the store-request.


Have you checked the Windows Logs in the Event Viewer which may give more info?
I found a similar post that might help you

Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

@korsikov Next run is completing successfully. 

Contributor III
Contributor III

Yeah I get this error a fair bit recently too. I hope you are not using the checkpoint suite of AV and threat detection as they seem to be getting more and more aggressive.

I know you say you used process monitor, I did too but I thought I could see AV messing with the files on creation, locking it for a short period of time etc. It's quite detailed but I can't say for certain its the cause. These were my filters:



We even have all the recommended exclusions in place but AV seems to be ignoring it recently (unless I'm wrong and this is purely a Qlik 2023 SR1 issue). Can't be a network or latency issue as the affected files are stored on the local Qlikview server. 

Luckily the files that it's happening to for me don't require saving so no real issues caused, the main thing is the refresh worked (which then calls an API).

I don't see any messages at all in event viewer and I saw the note about parallel reloads but I really doubt its the issue, I mean the .qvw's that are affected only call an API (nprinting) and dont load any data so the save isn't so important.


Another weird thing I noticed last week is that during a reload it wiped the file clean..after reload it was a blank .qvw file with no load script. In my searching I read about this happening in very early versions but nothing recent. That was a one-off but I never seen that in the 5 years I've worked with Qlikview - again an old, untouched random document. 

I can't fully prove its the AV at fault without removing it from the server. But procmon does show a lot of AV activity (sometimes locks) on the .qvw files even with exclusions in place. 


All of these are old reports that have been unchanged and working for years. My gut feel is AV but you never know, could be something in recent Qlik versions? When it happens for me it's always random. We have one that runs every hour yet might only have an issue once out of the 24 daily runs. The rest of the time its absolutely fine. 

Hope thats useful for you. I noticed this all happening around 3-4 months ago, though currently it causes us no major issues. The IT guy did say Checkpoint AV has changed how it works and another unrelated application is having file troubles too. We use Qlikview 2023 SR1.


Update: Just as I posted this message we had 3 more like this on a few other random files. It's starting to concern me a bit more. I am going to uninstall AV for a few days and prove the point. I'll post back with results. It will be easy to know as it happens everyday and potentially multiple times.

Next day update: Not seen any file errors since. It could be early days but it does appear that AV is the cause. I will update further on Monday

Final update: Yeah 100% it's AV for me. Not a single error message over the weekend.