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QlikView migration

Hello, We have a few question about easing migration of QlikView.

We want to migrate from one server with 11.2 SR17 to other server with QlikView 2019 April.

Can we migrate licenses configuration file as per attaching same CALs to the same users? Can we migrate task configurations? I mean if we have the same apps and we want to have the same tasks as in old server?

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Hello @kapacinskas,

Have a look at the Qlik Support article "How to Upgrade or Migrate QlikView 11.20 and later versions " which details the necessary steps to prepare for and implement an upgrade.  I would also strongly suggest that you speak with your Qlik Account Management Team about engaging with Qlik Consulting Services to assist with the upgrade process.

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In addition to Chip's post, here are a couple of Help links as well:



The catch with license is you cannot run the same license concurrently on multiple environments, that will create issues for you, if you are planning to shutdown the old environment when bringing the new online, it would be fine, but if you wish to run in parallel/concurrently, you will need another license key to do that.  It is possible to migrate the QVPR which contains your task information etc., but if you have never done this, I would highly recommend you consider engaging our services team or a partner to assist you with that to ensure things go smoothly.  The CAL information is maintained in the CALData.pgo file just FYI, so that is the file you would need to copy over from the existing environment in order not to have to redo your CAL assignments.  That assumes nothing is changing as far as domain names etc...  Once you have a look through things, if you do have further questions, shout back, but again, if you have not done a migration previously and are not familiar with the QVPR etc., I would highly recommend getting assistance with things to ensure it does go smoothly for you.


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