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Qlikview client frozen on scheduled reload

We have a cluster of 2 QV servers with some dashboard reloads scheduled through SUPPORTING TASKS. These tasks call a batch file which reloads a dashboard with the After Reload macro and does some other things.

The server is configured to Allow Dynamic CAL Assignment. The Qlikview clients on the servers don't have any license.

It happens once in a week or two that all the qv.exe processes freeze in background for some reason.

Since I can't figure out the exact reason, my assumption is that at a certain point the qv clients get their license lease expire. Therefore, whenever the batch file starts it gets blocked by the qv popup from the Personal Edition which notifies about the intention to open a Professional application with the Personal edition.

When frozen, the corresponding reload log file remains intact from the previous reload. So, the reload itself does not start at all and in any case there is the setting ErrorMode = 0.

With a qv.exe process hanging in memory I can't open a frontend qv client.

To temporarily solve it, I kill all the qv.exe processes, open and close a qv client. After this all works perfectly well.

Is there a way to make sure the qv client always gets a license from the server? Are my assumptions correct? Is there a way to check?


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