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Qlikview on Ipad/Iphone via IOS Application

Hi (again), 

I have a problem on the Ipad in order to reach the access point via the IOS application.

- From the IOS application, when reaching the access point, the system asks to authenticate.

- After authentication, I get the message "Error downloading the document list".

(Just for the information -in cas you didn't read my other post : - On our access point, we d'ont have to use a user/password; it automatically gets the user/password from windows.It seems that from Ipad/Iphone cannot get this and therefore ask us to authenticate; I  d'ont think there is a relation with the problem of this post - but I prefered to mention it.)

Thanks a lot.


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I think this problem has already been discussed before on the community. The solution then was to enable Anonymous login on the web server. IIS required some special steps, IIRC.

Please do a community search for the error message you mentioned. If I can find one of these dicussions, I'll post the link.


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Thanks for your quick answer.

I did  community search and internet searchs before posting (and already found those links but thanks anyway) :-).

  • We are not working with IIS.
  • I'm not quite sure what are the consequences of enabling anonymous access : All our authorizations on document and directories are user-specific. We need to keep that.
    How does it work with licencing then ?