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Contributor II

Quota Management - Email trigger

Hello All,

Good day!

We recently faced a situation where the quota for a particular share was configured in such a way that if the usage exceeds 80% of the assigned quota a automatic mail should be triggered to a set of users.

But the users received an email even though the usage was 77%. We checked with the users if any cleanup was done post the email was received but that does not seem to be the case.

Can anyone please help what could be the possible reason.


Thanks & Regards,


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Former Employee
Former Employee

I am afraid you are going to have to provide further clarification, as I am completely lost regarding what you are doing and what you need from us?  I am guessing you are trying to use the Alerts to do a check on the Disk Quota and fire the email to the users if the quota is above the threshold?  If that is the case, and the email is triggering below the threshold, I would have to theorize the expression is incorrect in the expression to determine when to trigger things...  Best I can offer given what you have provided, please clarify use case further and provide as much detail and screenshots would likely be very helpful too.

I would suspect the better way of doing this would be to use Windows PowerShell script to do the Quota checks and kick emails, not sure we are the best solution for this use case as I currently understand things.


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