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Scheduled Tasks/Apps Reload Failure Point

Hi All,

I there any way to reload app or tasks from failure point. Ex: Assume that my Qlikview App has two queries which extract data from database and creates QVD's, suppose 2nd query got failed to execute after executing 1st query & creating QVD. if I re-load it again it  start from 1st query which I want to skip and start it from the failure point i.e only from second query?

Is there any best way to get an alert email for document re-load fail, can this be achieved using Tools\Alerts? And I think I cannot control specific users for particular doc from QEMC mail alerts? Please suggest the best way to communicate the failure alerts.

Thanks in Advance

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Any Help?


We have a configured a QVD loader to check when the QVD should be loaded versus when it was loaded, to determine if it needs to be reloaded.  This type of logic could be used to skip reloading successful QVDs.  For a set of QVDs that get reloaded daily, you can check if the file date is the same as the current date.  If so, skip that QVD, if not reload it.

You're right that the QEMC cannot be used to configure unique e-mail alerts for each document.  It is designed to send alerts to a admin group.

The File Age Monitor that Rob Wunderlich has created could be modified to notify users of issues...


If not, it could be used a starting place to create your own.

Good luck,


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Dear anilkgsk

Alerts when something fails are useful and important (in fact we’ve included automatic alerts in the next release of our tool).

That said it seems like your query seems to fail regularly.  I’d do some debugging to try to get at the root cause of the error.  You might want to try to do a reload with a limited number of records so that it doesn’t take too much time.  Or the issue might be data volumes in which case you might want to consider hardware upgrades.  You might want to shift the reload of the specific qvd which causes problems to the end of the reload queue if possible so that it doesn’t interfere with other reloads.


The NPrinting Team