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Contributor III
Contributor III

Section Access: Failed to open document. Error [3000]


I am struggling with Qlikview Section Access. The issue is that for some users everything works normally, others are locked out.

I have  been reading various documents and for earlier apps everything has worked as expected.

I am using Section Access via DOMAIN\NTNAME and ACCESS as well as a MARKET field to dynamically reduce the data by user. Section Access master data is loaded via an external Excel file to the app as first few lines in load script.

While everything works fine for me (Admin, but also when using Acess=USER; reducing to only one MARKET) other users have reported back error message:

"Failed to open document. You don't have access to this document".

When checking the QV Events Log I have 3 records:

Warning: Document Load: The document XXXX.qvw failed to load because of no file access [3000]
Information: System: Server-UpdateSharedFile: updating DONE for document XXXX.qvs (elapsed time: 0 ms)
Error: Server - ConectToLoaded: TryDinamicRD.AS(4). Strict(1). Access(2). errId(-4)

Data model is OK and NTNAME and MARKET information is correctly linked to data in the application. 

Issue is independent of web browser (IE or Chrome)

Environment: Windows Server 2012; Qlikview Server 12.20.20700

Thanks for any leads to solve the issue.

Regards, Claude



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Hi, Just uncheck the "Strict Exclusion" in document properties  -> Opening Tab.

Try using this. It should work.


Kaushik Solanki


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Support (Former)
Support (Former)

Claude, while unchecking the strict exclusion may work, it is not likely a wise thing to do, as that may leave you open to having users getting into things you do not want them to get into...

Here are some Design Blog posts that I think will help, and I doubt you ran across them, hopefully they will get things to make sense.  Dynamic data reduction can be tricky, have a look at these and shout if you have further questions after that, I may be able to help a bit more.  One thing I tend to do when troubleshooting section access is I comment out just the Section Access line in the load script, which then loads the Section Access table as a normal data table in your data model, which allows you to see your links first hand etc., and using list boxes, you can try to see what is going wrong when, which generally will help you sort out where things are not correct...


The other links I was going to post are actually at the bottom of the above post, the dynamic reduction and the multiple field reduction...

If you want to search the Design Blog area on your own, use this URL, there are hundreds of mostly how-to posts out here that should prove helpful to you:



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