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Sizing QlikView Server


I want to conceive a new Qlikview architecture and  for that I have to choose specially the right hardware requirements for deploying an QlikView Server.

I would like to have some recommendation or help on the choice of equipement.

For information, all applications are run and used every day.

The scope of application is:

  • 1 application   of 800 mo  with 10 users who work simultaneous everyday
  • 1 application of 500 mo    with 7 user who work simultaneous everyday
  • 4 applications of 300 mo with  20 users 
  • 4 applications  of 200 mo with 20   users
  • 4 applications of 150 mo with 10 users
  • 4 applications of 120 mo with 20  users
  • 4 applications de 50 mo  with 20   users
  • 20 applications in annex around 30 Mo with  30 users

The majority of application offer the possibility to the users to calculate  aggregation  ( by complex set analysys) and we need to have good performances..

I hope you could help me…

Thanks in advance

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This information could be useful for you




Thanks for the informations.

May I ask you in the Excel file, how do you calculate the colum "qvw vs qvw in RAM" (cell B6) i don't get it well

Thanks in advance


QVW's are usually compressed when they are stored on disk using a zip-like algorithm. So the file on disk will take up less space there as it does when it is loaded in memory. This is something that can be configured also, so check your settings before you make this calculation.



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very helpful guys..thanks


Thanks Gerardo,

This is good information. However I need some help in case of multiple applications & dashboards ( can be considered as that of same complexity ).

In my case I have 2 applications servers with 51 Applications running on them with below mentioned information.

I am expecting 75 more Applications/ Dashboard in this environment and want to estimate the capacity ie if more CPU & RAM are required and how much.

Could you please help me out with the calculations and make me understand too...Many Thanks in advance..!!

Below are the current status of some important KPIs


System nameSystem FunctionSystem typeCPUs numberCores numberMemory size (GB)OS FamilyOS Type
Server 1Qlikview Server 1PHYSICAL220256WindowsWINDOWS SERVER 2012 R2
Server 2Qlikview Server 2PHYSICAL11648WindowsWINDOWS SERVER 2012 R2


Current APPS in the iViewinsight Prod Environment51 Daily Total ( Max )
KPIMax / HrAverage / Hr
Concurrent Apps12.004.4212
Concurrent Users16.005.5016
Max CPU26.004.7126
Max RAM (GB)250.53241.49251
Total Sessions75.0028.63687
Total Users50.0017.54457


Max CPU Load observed during month10% on both servers
Max CPU Load observed during month5% on both servers
Max RAM Utilization Observed during month65% - 75% on both servers
Max RAM Utilization Observed during month70% on both servers