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Swapping servers in a QVS Cluster?

This past week I've been having issues after swapping a couple of servers around.  Before we get into the issue, here is some back story.


  • I have 2 clusters of 2 servers, we'll call cluster servers 1 A & B, and cluster 2 X & Y.
  • Day 1, we swapped B and Y, and on Day 2, we swapped A and X.
  • We had some considerations at the firewall, and trying to keep the servers active while we could do the switch.


Since the change, we've had the Folders for each cluster revert back to what the servers used to have on it.  Cluster 1 switched back to what Cluster 2's folders should be, and vice versa.

I am wondering if there is something on the individual servers that I should clear out, or if this folder swap will stop after being stable for more than a day (as I mentioned before the swap was over two days).

If you need more clarifications, please let me know. 

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There might have been some settings that I could have removed beforehand, but the environment has stabilized itself for right now.