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Task aborts without proper error.


When we run a job in publisher with the property 'Time out in minutes : 30' under 'Task Dependency', the job aborts after 30 minutes with a error message. When I changed the value of 'Time out in minutes' to 1440, some of the jobs keep running for 1440 minutes and then aborts and other jobs succeed after a long time. What is the root cause of the issue and did any of you faced this issue ever? It is very critical and urgent. Thanks in advance.

Part of log :

2/7/2011 06:13:24.0823802 Information Slowing down logging. LoggingSeconds=300
2/7/2011 06:13:24.0823802 Information Reloading
2/7/2011 06:18:24.0819863 Information Reloading.
2/7/2011 06:23:25.4536374 Information Reloading..
2/7/2011 06:28:25.7850282 Information Reloading...
2/7/2011 06:30:00.7864122 Error Aborting Reload. Error=QDSMain.TaskResult
2/7/2011 06:30:10.2394767 Warning The QlikView Engine is Reloading, it will be killed (Please ignore logged warnings/errors about the kill).
2/7/2011 06:30:10.2394767 Information Killing the QlikView Engine. ProcessID=6176
2/7/2011 06:30:10.3488510 Information Closed the QlikView Engine successfully. ProcessID=6176
2/7/2011 06:30:10.3488510 Information Initializing Reload (0), Initializing (1809688), Finished (1809797)
2/7/2011 06:30:10.3488510 Error Task aborted.
2/7/2011 06:30:10.3488510 Error The task "CreateQVDs_Oracle_Full_QVD_Reload" failed. ErrorCount=2
2/7/2011 06:30:10.3488510 Information Sending Alert Mail to 1 recipients.
2/7/2011 06:30:10.3488510 Error Reload was aborted.
2/7/2011 06:30:10.3488510 Warning Could not get QlikView Document Log Name. Log reading skipped!
2/7/2011 06:30:10.3488510 Information Finished (0)

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same problem with us, using QV10. the problem is intermitent (some days it runs fine). the job runs ok when run manually.

Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi arunrveee :

In my case, I solved it!, starting qv distribution services with an user with administrative privileges on the server, not on the domain.