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Test server not behaving as it should at all ...


do I have to do anything particular when I have added a new time-triggered task to a QMC (on a testserver) and typed a new category for it, before this appears? I have hit "apply" several times, I can look into the task and it has all the Infos all right, but that category just doesn't show up.

This is not the only issue we have with our testserver: We have two task_chains at the moment which are relevant - the first task of each is being triggered every morning around 5am and the others should be triggered by one another in a chain-reaction - only it doesn't work ... the first task does run at that time, I can also set a "once-trigger" for any time I like and it does run, but it doesn't trigger the second. I have already deleted and re-created them and all sorts of stuff and we have been in contact with the consultancy that has installed it for quite a while. They have not opened a Ticket with QLIK, there is no apparent reason.

We even restarted two of the services, DSC and QDS, since the consultant told us that might be a solution. No effect yet. Maybe we should restart the entire QlikView testserver?

Best regards,


P.S.: Oh, that category does show up - as the last element of another chain. That is wrong of course and I can't see where it is still set that this newly created category should be inside another one ... what have I done wrong here?

P.P.S.: I think I know why - this is a "Management_Dashboard" which is based on the datamodel of one of our reports, so I have given it an event_trigger to run when the datamodel for this has finished - the datamodel being the second-to-last step in that chain. Still, that category should show up as a separate folder in that QMC - how can I achieve that?

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one of our issues - that category - can apparently be solved if I delete the event-trigger from the "first step" in that chain and instead give it a time-trigger - a time when the chain should be finished if all goes well - that is not so ideal since now, when there is a problem, that will still run, but at least now I see it as a separate folder.


AFAIK it's the default behaviour of the qmc tasks-tab which has only very limited possibilities to view the tasks and I think you have to live with it. Therefore the set category-names are only useful if you design your task-chains in the way the qmc could display them.

This means a chain of Generator-->Datamodel-->Report will always placed by the category of the generator and different categories from apps in the chain are not visible. But a chain of multiple generators or datamodels or reports will keep them within a logically structured view. Until now I have no problems with the run-times of all my app within my given time-frame so I can use this method and don't need to prioritize the task-order of them - maybe it's an alternatively for you.

- Marcus