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TriggerEDXTask API fails to pass the variable value to trigger the EDX task.

[View:]I have created the reload and distribute task on publisher with External event trigger. And want to trigger it using the TriggerEDXTask api by passing single valid variable as List<string>. Task is running but empty value is passed to distribution service. Below is the code snippet that passes testing3 variable with tdemo3 as variable value. Is this bug or below code need to be incomplete/need modified? Could anyone please let me know how to is pass the variable value to EDX task using TriggerEDXTask api to distribution service/publisher? App source is enclosed.

Code snippet

// create a QMS API client

QMSBackendClient apiClient = new QMSBackendClient();

ServiceKeyClientMessageInspector.ServiceKey = apiClient.GetTimeLimitedServiceKey();

// get a list of QDS services

List<ServiceInfo> qdsServices = apiClient.GetServices(ServiceTypes.QlikViewDistributionService);

List<string> variableValues = new List<string>() { "tdemo3" };

TriggerEDXTaskResult result = apiClient.TriggerEDXTask(qdsServices[0].ID, "Reload and Distribute of testVariable1.qvw", "testing", "testing3", variableValues);

Below are the entries from task log file

(2011-02-07 22:38:21) Information: Executing ClusterID=1, QDSID=75aa8092-ea96-3a9d-9fb8-3fbbc246342d QDSMain.DistributeTask

(2011-02-07 22:38:21) Information: Starting task "Reload and Distribute of testVariable1.qvw" (Attempt 1 of 1)

(2011-02-07 22:38:21) Information: Max run time: 1.00:00:00

(2011-02-07 22:38:21) Information: RepeatVariable found.

(2011-02-07 22:38:21) Warning: RepeatVariable found, but is empty. Name=testing3

(2011-02-07 22:38:21) Information: Document is marked for refresh; Initializing Reload.

(2011-02-07 22:38:21) Information: Opening "C:\svn\RTF\trunk\client\source\product\terragui\qvanalytics\qv6\testVariable1.qvw"

(2011-02-07 22:38:21) Information: Allocating QlikView Engine

(2011-02-07 22:38:21) Information: Allocating new QlikView Engine. Current usagecount=1 of 4

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Contributor III


having the same issue with the EDX

(2015-10-20 17:51:46) Information: Max attempts:1

(2015-10-20 17:51:46) Information: Current Attempt=0

(2015-10-20 17:51:46) Information: Task Dependencies are OK

(2015-10-20 17:51:46) Information: RepeatVariable found.

(2015-10-20 17:51:46) Warning: Empty RepeatVariable found. Name: vEdxParametersForReaload

did you manage to solve this problem?